Chamber Works


Wave upon wave, for eight hyper-directional voices (2023)

    *words by Natalie Diaz, commissioned by the Perelman Performing Arts Center and thingNY

Old Song, for english horn, bass clarinet, cello, percussion (2022)

    *commissioned by Chatter New Mexico

Call for the Company in the Morning, for a variety of 8 trumpets (2022)

    *commissioned by hcmf and BBC Radio 3

Ashdla’, for string orchestra (2022)

     *commissioned by I Musici de Montréal

Voiceless Mass, for pipe organ and large ensemble (2021)

     *commissioned by Present Music

Compass, for overly-amplified electric guitar (2021)

     *commissioned by United States Artists

Being Future Being, for dancers and noise  (2021)

     *commissioned by Emily Johnson / Catalyst

Owl Song, for sinfonietta and voice (2021)

     *commissioned by Borealis Festival for Bit20 Ensemble

For Zitkála-Šá: For Ange Loft, For Autumn Chacon, For Barbara Croall, For Buffy Sainte-Marie, For Candice Hopkins, For Carmina Escobar, For Cheryl l’Hirondelle, For Heidi Senungetuk, For Jacqueline Wilson, For Joy Harjo, For Laura Ortman, For Olivia Shortt, For Suzanne Kite (2017-2020)

American Ledger no.3, for two women’s choirs (2020)

     *commissioned by The Renaissance Society

Plainsong (2020)

Sweet Landopera (2020)

     *co-composed with Du Yun (commissioned and produced by The Industry)

American Ledger no.2 (2019)

     *commissioned by Atomic Culture

Tremble Staves, for quarter-tone electric guitar, percussion, and narrator, with auxiliary ensemble  (2017-2019)  [Estuary (2019), Tributary (2017), Delta (2019), Channel (2019), Distributary (2018), Sound (2019)]

     *commissioned by The Living Earth Show

(Bury Me) Where The Lightning [Will] Never Find Me, for bass clarinet, percussion, violin, and cello (2019)

     *commissioned by Arraymusic

Horse Notations, for flute, string quartet, and 2 hand drums (2019)

     *commissioned by Oregon East Symphony

American Ledger no.1 (2018)

Quiver, for solo cello (2018)

     *commissioned by Michelle Kesler

Nuestra Dia Viene, for choir (2018)

     *by Candice Hopkins and Raven Chacon (commissioned for a larger work by Szu-Han Ho)

Chorale, for 4 – 8 docked ships with fog horns (2018)

Tááʼtsʼáadah, for solo trumpet (2018)

     *commissioned by Delbert Anderson

Invisible Arc, for solo cello (2017)

     *written for Rhonda Rider

Journey of the Horizontal People, for string quartet (2016)

     *commissioned by Kronos Quartet

Asdzaa Nadleehe & Yoolgai Asdzaa, for soprano, mezzo-soprano, and instruments (2016)

     *commissioned by Arizona Opera

Song for Voice, Drum, and Shadowing Voice (2015)

     *written for Ruby Kato Attwood

Double Weaving, for string quartet (2014)

     *commissioned by ETHEL Quartet

Biyan, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and percussion (2011)

     *commissioned by Ensemble Music New Mexico

Drum Grid, for dozens of outdoor drummers (2010)

Nilchi’ Shada’ji Nalaghali, for overly amplified piano (2008)

     *commissioned by Emanuele Arciuli

Whisper Trio, for 3 performers (2008)

Taa’go Deza [Three Points], 3 songs for singing cellist (2007)

     *commissioned by Dawn Avery

Round, for many performers and turntable (2007)

Nihikeedoo’ yinaal, for mixed ensemble {fl, bass cl, perc, vl, vla, vc} and electronics, (2007)

     *commissioned by Contemporary Music Forum/VERGE Ensemble

Hasta’aadah, for wind ensemble and no conductor (2006)

     *commissioned by the University of Mary Washington

Solo for Guitar, (2006)

     *written for Gabriel Ayala

Echo Contest, for 2 musicians (2005)

Adiits’a’ii [Loud Interpreter], for many non-musicians (2005)

Scream Out of Each Window, for a family to perform (2005)

Mirror Quintet/Teasing game, for 5 like strings (2004)

Lats’ aadah, for solo violin (2004)

     *written for Mark Menzies

Mute Nonet, for electric guitars and 8-channel mixer (2004)

…lahgo adil’i dine doo yeehosinilgii yidaaghi, for large ensemble (2004)

Naakishchiin ana’i, for flute and marimba (2004)

     *commissioned by Kim Turney

Bilagaana adin, for solo flute and backing ensemble (2003)

Beesh Naalnishi, for chamber orchestra (2003)

Atsiniltlish’ iye, for flute, clarinet, bassoon, cello and percussion (2003)

Music for Voice, for 4 tam-tams (2003)

(+) cello, for looped cello and instigator (2003)

Ella Llora, for solo voice (2003)

Octet (dando la vuelta), for mixed ensemble (2002)

Report, for firearm ensemble (2001)

Pointillisimofor string quartet (2001)

Whistle Quartet, for dog whistles (2001)

Niltsa’ Bi’áád Hooltil [Female Rain Approaching], for chamber ensemble (2001)

piano, for noise electronics (2000)

Duet, for two musicians (2000)