Partial Discography

An Anthology of Chants Operations 12” LP (Ouidah, 2020)

At The Point Where The Rivers Crossed, We Drew Our Knives 12” LP (Anarchymoon Records, 2010)

Black Streaked Hum EP 3″CD/cassette (Lightning Speak / Featherspines, 2009)

Music For Flute, Electric Guitar, And Outdoor Sine Wave CDr (Easydiscs, 2009)

Overheard Songs CD (Innova, 2006)

still/life EP  3” CDr (Sssk, 2004)

Beesh Naalnishi CD (Sssk, 2004)

x-x-x-x-x  CDr (Sssk, 2000)

with Endlings (duo with John Dieterich):

Human Form 12” LP (Whited Sepulchre Records, 2021)

Endlings LP/CD (Sssk/Lightning Feet, 2017)

‘Summer Assassins-Creeping of the Foul’ digi single (Deathbomb Arc, 2012)

with White People Killed Them (trio with Marshall Trammell and John Dieterich)

White People Killed Them 12” LP (SIGE Records, 2021)

with Postcommodity:

Your New Age Dream Contains More Blood Than You Imagine 12” LP (Anarchymoon Recordings, 2011)

“Excerpt From Piles of Cougar Pelts” track – V/A- Sound + Vision: Beyond Reason 12” LP (VZW Contour, 2011)

with Death Convention Singers (aka Cobra//group):
A Thread, A Braid cassette (Sssk, 2020)

Death Convention Singers CD (Sssk, 2012)

Corrido cassette (Sssk, 2008)

Brujas CD (Sssk, 2008)

Split 7” lathe with Dirty/Birdies (Sssk, 2007)

The Covers EP CDr (Sssk, 2007)

Locas CDr (Sssk, 2006)

with Tenderizor:

The Demo Years Vol​.​1: The Cover Years 10” lathe cut (Sssk, 2016)

Touch The Sword 12” LP (Sssk, 2011)

with Mesa Ritual (duo with William Fowler Collins):

Mesa Ritual 12” LP (SIGE Records, 2014)

Voltaic Processions EP  Minimax CDr (Sssk, 2010)

with KILT (trio with Bob Bellerue and Sandor Finta):

She’s Got The Devil In Her Heartcassette (Fabrica Records, 2014)

Culos Asados cassette (Obsolete Units, 2013)

Santa Muerte  12″ LP (Anarchymoon, Sssk, Universal Consciousness, 2012)\

Into The Red, Into The Black cassette (Banned Productions, 2012)

Kitchen Sorcery CD (Prison Tatt Records, 2011)

Chrome Bellows cassette (Peyote Tapes, 2009)

Vaya Con Nada 3″cdr (Small Doses, 2009)

T.U.R.D. [3×3″cdr split with Feed the Dragon and Improvisatyrs] (Banned Productions, 2008)

Snow White In Hell 12″LP (Anarchymoon, Bastardised, Sssk, 2007)

Untitled collab CDr with Sanguine Vessel (Breathmint, 2007)

Fuck The Rich (All Night Long) collab CDr with The Sunken (Barfing Dagger Re-recordings, 2007)

sharp dark love  3″ CD (EMR, 2006)

KILT/Dead Wolf Black split cassette (Bastardised, 2006)

Dead Wolf Black/KILT split cdr (Bastardised, 2006)

untitled track on No Maniacs Only: Norcal Noise Fest 10 CD (2006).

Splits and collaborations:

Grey Plumes – Niso b/w Peyak– (EHEPIK, 2018)

OVO + Raven Chacon – Crisalide Fossile – (Bronson Recordings/Weird Tapes, 2015)

Novasak / Raven Chacon – split and collaboration CDr x 2 (Sycophantide, 2008)

Jeff Gburek / Raven Chacon – Jesus Was A Wino – split + collaboration CDr (Herbal Records, 2006)

Raven Chacon / Torturing Nurse – The Incredible 17000km Split CDr (8kMob, 2006)

ABQ=/=LAX  5-way split 7” vinyl  (Hype Machine/Sssk, 2006)

Alchemical Burn + Raven Chacon – Bachelors, Even Cdr x 2 (Sssk, 2006)

Redglaer / Raven Chacon – split cassette (Stentorian Tapes, 2005)

Other projects, releases, and appearances:

Thor & Friends – Thor & Friends LP/CD (LM Duplication, 2016)

Thollem Electric – Keyngdrum Overdrive (Union Pole Records, 2014)

Black Drink – Black Drink – cassette (Sssk, 2008)

Michael Pisaro ‎– An Unrhymed Chord CD x 2 (Edition Wandelweiser Records, 2008)

50 BPM or Less Vol. 2 compilation CD (Canned Beef Records, 2007)

Christ With Braces ‎- Nuestra Senora La Reina De Los Angeles 3”CDr (Sssk, 2007)

Swamp Comp Vol 3. CDr compilation (Swamp of Pus, 2006)

Corral Comp – double CD (Anarchymoon Recordings, 2006)

L.A. Noisescape – compilation CD (Bastardised, 2006)

Raven Chacon / Redglare – split tour cassette (Anarchymoon Recordings, 2005)

Raven Chacon –Tseebii/Neezna 3″cdr (Sssk, 2005)

The Kleptones – Meet the Beatless  Cdr (Sssk, 2003)

The Kleptones – Sound Bites For Audiophiles  CDr (Sssk, 2002)

Los Subliminados – Backward Messages cassette (Sicksicksick [Sssk] Recordings, 2001)