American Ledger no. 2


Score for performance

American Ledger No.2 is a site-specific score for the city of Tulsa Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Through its symbology and subsequent sound, the score recounts episodes of the region’s forced migrations, both into and out of the city, and violence towards Black and Native communities. To be performed by many people walking a circular path, American Ledger No.2 utilizes drums, whistles, megaphone, trumpet mallet percussion, and matchsticks, in an unstable system of equity and exchange. The score can be presented as a flag, a billboard, railroad debris, or any pyrographed object sourced from the region.


Commissioned by Atomic Culture and first performed and displayed as a billboard at I-244 in the parking lot of the Oklahoma Eagle in the Greenwood District, with the support of the Tulsa Artist Fellowship.

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