Tremble Staves


Music composition


Performed amongst the collapsed ruins of the failed Sutro Baths in San Francisco’s Lands End, but can be performed by any ruins near a large body of water.
Instruments include quarter-tone guitar, bathroom sink, floating cello, narrator, dowsing rods, bird calls, amplified tile, stirred broken mirrors, amplified fishing rod, homemade feedback ukulele, oxygen tank, student guitarists, and 13+ percussionists. Not a work to bring awareness, but a proposition for imagining when we are already gone.

Movement I. Estuary

Movement II. Tributary

Movement III. Delta (featuring guitarists Theo Moss, Izzy Spanswick, Nathan Marks, and Marcus D’Avignon)

Movement IV: Channel

Movement V: Distributary (featuring percussionists Willie Winant, Jack Van Geem, David Lechuga, Pétur Eggertsson, Lula Asplund, Samuel Regan, Philip Agbayani, Colton Ransom, Elizabeth Hall, Doug Chin, Ayden Bradley, Jimmy Chan, and Caleb Smit)

Movement VI: Sound

Composer: Raven Chacon

The Living Earth Show: Travis Andrews (guitars), Andy Meyerson (percussion)

Narrator and Text: Ashley Smiley

Costumes and Regalia: Rashad Pridgen

Production Manager: Cath Brittan @ Sutro Baths/lands End Lookout

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