American Ledger no. 1


Score for performance


To be displayed as a flag, a wall, a blanket, a billboard, or a door.
For many players with sustaining and percussive instruments, coins, axe and wood, a police whistle, and a match.


For at least 13 minutes

For any number of musicians with any number of non-musicians

Each line is a minute or longer

Line 1 is for both percussive and bendable tones

Line 2 begins with a warbly long tone crossfading into waves of harmonic or dynamic increases. X = chop wood

Line 3 is for police whistle(s).  Other instruments may join

Line 4 is for coins to be thrown. Two instruments may accompany.

Line 5 is a line

Line 6 is a grand decelerando ending with the striking of a match

Line 7 is for acknowledging groupings of 5’s and 4’s. Chop wood. End with everyone and everything.

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