Parallel 03


John Dieterich and Raven Chacon in collaboration with Vancouver New Music and an endless pool of musicians



The web instrument, Parallel 03, designed by Endlings (John Dieterich and Raven Chacon) and six Vancouver musicians and sound artists utilizes a variety of cross-platform and anonymous methods for composition and improvisation. Composed, recorded, and arranged over four months of isolation in 2020, the eight collaborators became generators, translators, mistranslators and filters for inputted contributions in an incalculable feedback loop of expansive processes. The instrument is designed to receive new content from other contributors, allowing for a constant stream of unique, ephemeral music.

Parallel 03 collaborators so far are: Raven Chacon and John Dieterich (Endlings), with Parmela Attariwala, Adrian Avendaño, John Brennan, Elisa Ferrari, Marina Hasselberg and Alanna Ho. Website design by Joel Schuman.

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